What does 11plusDIY.com offer to you?

11PlusDIY provides Online testing services, Downloadable test papers and Mock Examinations nationwide.  

The services we provide are designed to deliberately challenge students to achieve excellence. 

11 Plus DIY Online (online testing service)

In 2010, 11PlusDIY became the internet’s first online 11 Plus tuition software provider.  The service was designed to provide an online service to parents and students which was not available on the internet.  Since then we have developed this service into one that houses over 35,000 specific questions designed to help children prepare for grammar and independent school entry exams. 

In 2012 we took our online service one stage further by providing all online subscribers with our newly developed Dynamic 11Plus performance indicators at no extra cost.   Children can now sit exams online in the comfort of their own home and our new performance dashboard allows parents to  

  • Compare childrens on line exam scores to local target schools or nationwide performance averages
  • Easily see where a  child’s strengths and weaknesses are
  • Watch a child clearly increase in confidence and speed

With up-to-minute information on nationwide statistics and quick interpretation of key performance indicators, parents are now well placed to identify results requiring action