Mock Exams - Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child attend more than one Mock Exam day or a different venue?

Students can attend as many Mock Exams as they wish. Evidence does suggest that performance levels increase with practice.  All 11PlusDIY Mock Exams at the same venue will have different exam papers with different questions demanding different skills and understanding.  If a student changes venue (e.g. Birmingham to Stratford Upon Avon or Redbridge to Harrow), they may see the same paper within a one or two week period.  We would recommend that students attend only one venue or contact us prior to booking to confirm that the paper is not the same as one they have already completed.  

What is the time allowed for each Mock Exam?

The time limit for the exams is approximately 2 hours, please check the timetable online to see the exact timings of each paper as this may vary depending on the venue.

Are the Mock Exams in a multiple-choice question format?

11PlusDIY offer Mock Exams in both CEM, GL, CSSE and Kent styles. Each of the Mock Exams are in a multiple-choice format, unless stated otherwise.

When will we get the Mock Exam feedback and results?

11PlusDIY Mock Exams are electronically marked and made available to parents within less than three working days of the exam. An email will be sent with the results, but results can be accessed along with viewing mock exam papers through your “account” online.

What is the Refund Policy?

11PlusDIY Mock Exams are NON-REFUNDABLE.  We will not refund bookings unless the Mock Exam is cancelled or details of the test day are materially altered.

How can I book an 11PlusDIY Mock Exam?

Please visit our 11PLUSDIY on-line store.

What will happen before the Mock Exam, at home?

When you have registered for an 11PLUSDIY Mock Exam, it is advisable to make use of the 11PLUSDIY on-line exam portal or purchase some of our Mock Exam/Test papers.  These can be found by clicking “Account” on the top menu 11PlusDIY: Mock Exam FAQ’s then clicking “My Downloads”

Prior to the Mock Exam, you will be sent a confirmation email with all the location details including the name and contact telephone number of the local invigilation team who are managing the Mock Exam day.

On the day of the Mock Exam – What happens On arrival?

All students must be in the exam room at the start time of the Mock Exam. Parents will be advised of a meeting point prior to the Exam, where they will be met by CRB/DBS qualified staff before students are shown to the exam room.  Parents will not be allowed in the exam room.


Parents will be asked to sign in, show evidence of their child's name and provide confirmation of their booking for the Mock Exam (this can be shown by a smart device or a print out).   Parents provide a mobile number at the time of booking, if this has changed or you are on a different number on the day, please let the tutoring team know when you sign in.


Please ensure you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the session to ensure you are able to make your way to the Exam Centre and confirm registration details prior to the beginning of the Mock Exam.

What must my child take to the Mock Exam?

Please ensure your child arrives with a small bottle of water. Students must also arrive with pencils and a good eraser.  Stationery should be held in a clear plastic pencil case / bag or no bag at all.

Upon completion, what happens?

All children must be collected by parents from the advised drop off point and from the local CRB/DBS qualified staff. Parents will be asked to sign out their children.  Please ensure you are ready to collect children at least 10 minutes prior to the end of the Mock Exam, as we are not able to supervise your children once the exam has finished.

Emergencies on the day

You will be contacted on your mobile immediately if there are any problems with the event we are running or indeed if we need to contact you about your child during the exam. If your child has any special requirements, please inform the team on the day on arrival.

If you need to contact 11Plus DIY directly, please email on

After the exam - I have not received my report within three days - what should I do?

Initially please check your junk email. We know that some email accounts especially Hotmail may automatically put email in your junk folder. To avoid this happening in future, please mark e-mails from 11plusDIY as “not junk”.


Please email us on and we will deal with your query immediately.  You can also view the standard results report online via your account/mock exam results.