Online Mock Exams

11PlusDIY are the UK’s largest provider of 11 Plus Mock Exams.  


We are also the UK’s first provider of On-line Mock Exams for those students applying to Grammar School in 2019.

With 11PlusDIY, students can complete a Mock Exam in their own home.  We currently 
manage On-Line Entrance Exams for Selective Schools in England and now we’re offering students the chance to sit a very similar On-line Mock Exam for training and revision purposes.

Students can do this in their own home.  Online Mock Exams are very cost-effective and provide parents with a fantastic report showing all the students strengths and weaknesses.


The On Line Mock Exams will be completed in One hour at the students home computer at the weekend.  All parents will receive a very detailed performance information report within two days of the exam, allowing parents and students to work through difficult areas together after the exam.  


Key Facts and Information

  • Excellent performance indicators
  • We will not store any personal details about you
  • Detailed mock exam results reports and comparison within two days
Online Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start online testing?

Login with your correct USERNAME and PASSWORD. Click on TESTS in the menu bar on the homepage.  Follow simple instructions to CREATE TESTS, ATTEMPT and SUBMIT. 

I am a Tutor/School. Can I use your service for my students?

Yes. We have special rates and packages for schools and tutors. Please see our Tutor Services page.

How can I renew my subscription?

The option to renew your subscription will automatically appear on your home page when your current subscription expires. If you want to upgrade your subscription or renew it before the expiration date, simply purchase the additional plan and it will be appended to your existing plan.

What subjects do you cover?

Online practice covers Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Vocabulary. You can create a subject specific test, or a combined test.

Can I download the online tests?

No. You cannot download questions and tests. All our tests are online only. However, you can purchase number of different downloadable papers from our online shop.

How can I see my old tests?

Click on "TESTS" tab on the top menu. On the lower part of the test page, you will see a section titled - "Previously Submitted Tests". All the tests you have ever completed should be listed here along with the scores achieved. 

How can I see my results?

You can see the results by clicking on the "Results" menu under "Tests". This should show you a graphical view of your progress. You can click on any test in the bar chart to view the performance breakdown