11 Plus Online Testing

11PlusDIY established the UK’s first online service to students (and parents) in 2010. Since then, we have expanded our online services to offer students over 50,000 continuously updated questions with dynamic performance indicators. 


With 11PlusDIY, students can enjoy 11Plus practice online at home and review their performance against peers (locally and nationally).

Key Facts and Information

  • Pay-as-you-go online learning (with no auto subscription)
  • Unlimited tests per day
  • Excellent performance indicators
  • We will not store any personal details about you
  • Instant results and comparison
Online Testing

11PlusDIY – Student Portal Overview


Practising 11 Plus questions and techniques is the best way to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the 11 Plus syllabus to be ready for the real exam.

With over 50,000 new questions available now, 11PlusDIY on line testing must be the first choice when it comes to 11 Plus preparation.

11PlusDIY is managed by a team of professionals that understand the 11 Plus syllabus.  We also provide teaching material for Tutors, Independent schools and even some Grammar schools

11PlusDIY Student Portal Benefits


The 11PlusDIY online testing portal has been fully upgraded.  Its the most advanced 11 Plus testing system on the market and provides the following benefits:

  • Unlimited 11 Plus practice on CEM and GL Assessment question types
  • Instant test results to review your scores 
  • Builds familiarity with the wording of CEM and GL Assessment question types
  • Helps identify weak areas
  • Boosts motivation and confidence
  • Provides a simulated timing analysis for test conditions
  • Develops examination skills and the speed of question answering
  • Develops the core skills in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning and the more focused CEM subjects (Numerical reasoning, Comprehension and Cubes & Nets)
  • Helps students to assimilate and follow written instructions accurately and quickly


11PlusDIY – New Focused Questions


Not all students have the same abilities, nor can everyone excel in all subjects.  A child who maybe strong in Maths Algebra maybe weaker in English Comprehension.



The 11PlusDIY portal has been developed to allow students to target key areas of learning for personalised development. See “Question Types” when you use the software.



A proven strategy for improvement in the 11 Plus exam is “Repetition”. By repeating and reviewing different questions from a similar skill set, students can learn how to comprehend concepts at a faster and more effective rate.



11PlusDIY Repetition tools make it easier for students to understand 11 Plus concepts without wasting time.


Simple User Friendly Design

Designing an education website for children is different to designing a website for adults.

Children don't look for information on a website. They look to have fun and to learn. The 11PlusDIY Student Portal has been designed for children aged 9-12 who are increasingly proficient with the internet and look for websites that feel grown up, with simple navigation and intuitive functionality, but still retain a friendly feeling.

Feedback on each question


The most important aspect of the 11PlusDIY Portal is the feedback we provide on each question.  All 11PlusDIY Tests are instantly marked to provide students and parents with a detailed breakdown on the result and time taken to answer questions.

All the questions that a normal parent would find difficult to answer come with a explanation of the question to make understanding easy.

11PlusDIY Student Performance Reports


The 11PlusDIY Portal provides a performance report to students outlining very simply all their performance scores in the tests recently taken. The reports show the average and the highest marks obtained for every subject type.

Students can also compare their own performance with a similar group of students from the same region or applying for the same school.

The following reports are available at the touch of a button:

  • Last rest results
  • Results by subject
  • Last 10 tests by score
  • Last 10 tests by time
  • Cumulative score
  • Performance by subject
  • School comparison
  • Compare your student with national average for a particular school.


11PlusDIY Certificates


After all 11PlusDIY online tests are complete, students and parents can print off a certificate to evidence their successful scores.

Core Question Types


The 11PlusDIY Portal has over 53 different question types to test.  You can choose from a combination of mixed or individual subject, testing all of the skills necessary to pass the 11 Plus exam.




Non Verbal Reasoning Numerical Reasoning


Verbal Reasoning 












Short Maths



Weights & Measures






3D Cube Rotation
3D Cube to Net
3D Net to Cube
Fill in the blank shape
Odd one out
Related shapes
Shape codes
Sums with alphabets

Complete the sum

Number relationship

Number Series




Insert a letter

Find the odd word

Alphabet code


Hidden word in sentence

Find the word


Re-arrange the new word

Complete alphabet series

Complete sentence

Word series code

Complete word pairs

Form New words

Create words

Pick the word

Word relationships

Answer the following

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start online testing?

Login with your correct USERNAME and PASSWORD. Click on TESTS in the menu bar on the homepage.  Follow simple instructions to CREATE TESTS, ATTEMPT and SUBMIT. 

I am a Tutor/School. Can I use your service for my students?

Yes. We have special rates and packages for schools and tutors. Please see our Tutor Services page.

How can I renew my subscription?

The option to renew your subscription will automatically appear on your home page when your current subscription expires. If you want to upgrade your subscription or renew it before the expiration date, simply purchase the additional plan and it will be appended to your existing plan.

What subjects do you cover?

Online practice covers Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Vocabulary. You can create a subject specific test, or a combined test.

Can I download the online tests?

No. You cannot download questions and tests. All our tests are online only. However, you can purchase number of different downloadable papers from our online shop.

How can I see my old tests?

Click on "TESTS" tab on the top menu. On the lower part of the test page, you will see a section titled - "Previously Submitted Tests". All the tests you have ever completed should be listed here along with the scores achieved. 

How can I see my results?

You can see the results by clicking on the "Results" menu under "Tests". This should show you a graphical view of your progress. You can click on any test in the bar chart to view the performance breakdown


  • Plan
  • Unlimited Tests
  • All Subjects
  • Duration
  • 12 Months
  • £39.99
  • 12 Months

You can find more subscription plans and special offers in our online store.