Our Promise

  •  All material is prepared by us for you.
  • Updated for new formats and questions continuously
  • Support for any questions is available
  • Hassle free and secure purchase of products
  • We address your concerns as a priority

Why are we different?

  •  Online, Mock exams, Practice and Revision courses
  •  Review old tests online and track your progress
  •  Pay-as-you-go (no automatic subscription)
  •  Instant download practice papers available to buy
  •  Detailed reports and analysis provide fantastic insight

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are 11PlusDIY?

11PlusDIY is owned by Quattro-Ethereal Limited – a company registered in the UK.  The company was formed by experienced parents to specifically help students (and parents) to understand and prepare for entrance exams.  As parents who have been through this troubled process, we understood the apprehensions, levels of stress and the problems that we faced.  Our passion to create 11PlusDIY was born from a belief that parents could be more involved and the process of learning could be more transparent than we had encountered with our own children.  

We are determined that 11PlusDIY services provide students (and parents) with clarity on performance, areas for improvement and strengths and weaknesses in comparison to peers both locally and nationally.  We believe that 11PlusDIY is the only nationwide provider that was established to help students (and parents) in this manner and as such we are always learning and therefore value any suggestions or improvements that any students (or parents) think we can make to our products or services.

What information will you retain about me?

We take the issue of data safety and retention extremely seriously. We keep user profile data to a minimum and we are subject to stringent UK regulations. All our servers are hosted in the UK. We would never ask for any unneccessary details from you (such as your postal address) if its not required.  All Credit Card transactions are insured against fraud and we use external payment provider "Paypal" rather than retain any data ourselves through payment transactions you may make.  

Can I become a partner for sales?

If you are a Tutor or School and would like to work with 11PlusDIY, please contact us using the “Contact Us” form on this site.

What subjects do you cover?

We provide support for all grammar school entrance subjects.  These question types have many names but a primarily Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. In addition to these main subjects, we also cover English Vocabulary and Numerical reasoning (short mental mathematics).

Why do I need to register to make a purchase?

Our products include downloadable PDFs.  We need to authorise any products that are downloaded to allow successful completion of the payment process.  For this we need you to have an account with us.  For non-downloadable products, we also will need to know your shipping address.

How can I change my password?

To change your password:
1. Log into the system.
2. Click on your logged in username on top right side of the screen under the banner.
3. Click on "Edit Profile".
4. Click on "Manage Password"

I have forgotten my password?

To reset your password, click on the "Retrieve Password" button on the Login page.