11PlusDIY Programme for 2019

The 11PlusDIY has been carefully written to support and encourage students to understand the key areas of study.  11PlusDIY is designed primarily for Year 5 students, but some more advanced Year 4 students may be capable of completing the work.

Students are free to join 11PlusDIY to suit their needs.   We do not believe that students should over study, but by having regular injections of learning throughout the academic year, students can master the core skills that complement and build upon other forms of learning to pass the 11 Plus.


Please remember 11PlusDIY is designed for parents who want to be involved in students study.

You can download our presentation explaining the programme and how you can use it for preparing your child for the 11 Plus Exam. Alternatively click on the images below to run the slide show.


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11PlusDIY Programme Presentation