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11 Plus Tuition & Revision Courses

We are the UK’s largest provider of 11 Plus tuition and revision courses, where we aim to help students to learn and prepare for the entrance exam.  We offer training courses nationwide every year in the school holidays. 


Each 11PlusDIY course is focused on helping students to understand the most important and hardest to learn subjects. We only provide challenging and focused tuition, with work to complete at home and access to on-line resources prior to and after the course. 


11PlusDIY courses are specifically designed to build student's confidence, speed and cement understanding.

Key Facts and Information about our various courses

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a training course?

All day 11PlusDIY Tuition and Revision courses provide at least 12 hours of focused learning to boost 11 Plus preparation, providing parents and students with a solid understanding of strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve.

What can I expect from the course?

All courses consist of key learning sessions (3 hours per session each day).  Each session is classroom taught, including practice and mini tests to help cement learning, improve question analysis and completion. All courses are conducted by experienced local tutors.

How is the course structured?

All courses work on three principles - Understand the Logic, Defining the Probables and Build Speed and Confidence. Throughout courses, students learn and practice key question types with varying levels of difficulty, whilst at the same time improving time management..

What will the student be able to do after the course?

After a course, children should understand question logic, define the probable answers and understand how to answer questions faster and more effectively thatn before the course.

What will be covered in English?

English will cover Cloze questions, Synonyms and Antonyms, Comprehension, Error identification and word manipulation, Grammar extension, Word understanding and Writing for exam purposes.

What will Mathematics course cover?

Mathematics will cover - Algebra, Bodmas, Fractions, Decimals manipulation, Data handing, Shape and space control, measurements and numerical reasoning.

What is covered in VR and NVR?

VR covers Word and Number Familiarity, Code breaking, Cryptic Vocabulary, Numerical sequencing (Theorem), Logic connections, Incomplete records and Detailed grammar. NVR covers all standard NVR questions including Cubes and nets, Analogies, Odd one out, Sequencing, Codes and Similarities.

What is your refund policy?

Any course is NON-REFUNDABLE. We will not refund bookings unless the course is cancelled or details of the test day are materially altered

Can my child sit more than one course?

Yes. All our courses are different and use different material.  We expect that a student who wishes to complete all learning will sit courses at Waster, May Bank and in Summer.

What learning materials can I expect?

Students will be provided with learning aids which include handouts, course materials, additional work to complete at home on weaker areas and 11PlusDIY online subscription as part of the course fee.