English Language & Comprehension

Course Purpose

The 11 Plus Specialist English Language and Comprehension Full Day course provides students with a solid understanding in the specialist 11 Plus English subjects, including Comprehension. Over 10,000 students have completed 11PlusDIY Mock Exams and we continually see students failing to score well on grammar based questions (e.g. Antonyms, Synonyms and Shuffled Sentences).  Students also fail to manage the four different aspects of English Comprehension – factual content, logical inference, personal judgement and knowledge of English and grammar. 

The 11PlusDIY English Language and Comprehension course will provide a good understanding of 11 Plus language, grammar and comprehension essentials.  These are common in all forms of 11 Plus exam and are not taught purely by repetition and most often is the subject, which separates a high performing student from an average one.  

This full day course has been designed from our experience to refine and refresh all English Language and Comprehension  basics for the students, showing them how to score high marks in the exam in an effective and timely manner.  We believe its doubly important to instill English grammar and language skills because students who score highly in these subjects, can be tutored to translate to these skills to the longer Comprehension questions in a logical and efficient format. 

Course Outcome

Students should be able to understand and decipher all English language and grammar type questions and possess the understanding to approach English Comprehension questions that includi vocabulary and grammar in a time efficient and effective manner

Course Content

Students are provided with a two separate workbooks covering the course materials with an additional mock test which covers all essentials. The course will guide students through core English skills including:


1) Synonyms

2) Antonyms

3) Definitions and Vocabulary

4) Core English - verbs, conjunctions, spellings, simile etc.

5) Short comprehension

6) Long comprehension


Students will complete a multiple choice exam paper to prove learning and highlight subjects that require more attention. Additional work will be provided for after the course to improve understanding.

Additional work will be provided for after the course to improve understanding.

Course Length

The full course includes 6 hours of in class tuition (plus full course pack for homework)

Course Cost

Standard Price £150.00.

Discounted Price £120.00 (applies to the first 10 students booking only)

Course Example

Below are examples of the Comprehension type questions that will be taught and understood by students on this course.

Click on images below to view full screen.