Short Mathematics

Course Purpose

The 11Plus Specialist Mathematics Full Day course provides students with a solid understanding in the specialist 11Plus Numerical Reasoning (Long and Short Mathematics). Over 10,000 students have completed 11PlusDIY Mock Exam and we continually see students failing to time manage Short Maths questions and failing to score well in Longer Mathematics questions that include cascading, where getting the first question incorrect usually leads to the following questions being incorrectly answered. 

This full day course has been designed from our experience to refine and refresh all Short Maths core basics for the students, showing them how to score high marks in the exam in an effective and timely manner (Short Maths should be time managed).  We believe its doubly important to instill Short Maths skills because students who score highly in Short Maths, can be tutored to translate to these skills to the longer multi-part maths questions in a logical and efficient format.  


Short Mathematics (This is completed in the morning of the full day course)


The 11 Plus Short Mathematics course provides grounding in Short Maths specific to the 11 Plus entrance exam. A fast and accurate working knowledge of Short Maths is a pre-requisite for passing the 11Plus. Most students can score 60 to 80% in short Maths, but losing 20% and more commonly time, can leave students unable to complete more complex questions. 

This course will provide the core skills for students to understand and answer Short Maths questions in a timely and effective manner. By scoring highly in Short Maths, students are better placed to answer complex questions and build up a good score.

Course Outcome

Students should be able to understand and answer Short Maths questions in a time efficient and effective manner.

Course Content

Students are provided with a booklet of Short Maths course materials. The course will guide students through 11Plus short Maths subject areas, with a series of learning and testing to show students ‘how to gain time’ in the 11Plus exam by moving through questions effectively but with near complete accuracy. 


Students will complete a multiple choice exam paper to prove learning and highlight subjects that require more attention.

Additional work will be provided for after the course to improve understanding.

Course Length

The full course includes 6 hours of in class tuition (plus full course pack for homework).  Short Mathematics will be 3 hours of this.

Course Cost

The Full One Day Course Standard Price is £150.  

Discounted Price £120 (applies to the first 10 students booking only).

Course Example

Below are examples of the Short Mathematics questions that will be taught and understood by students on this course.

Click on images below to view full screen.