Revision - Intensive Course

Course Purpose

The August 11 Plus Specialist Revision Courses will last for 2 full days during the school holidays, providing students with 12 hours of very focused 11 Plus tuition over four 3 hour sessions, each covering a specific quartile of the local syllabus.  The course will be delivered by a very experienced and respected tutor.


The course will prepare the student for the final exam, build confidence and exam management skills, improving speed and ensuring the student has a clear exam management plan and understanding.  

The course will include work to complete at home and access to on-line materials prior to and after the course.  


The two day course course has been researched and designed by our academic team, taking learning from many years of research and specifically from the results of well over 10,000 11 Plus DIY Mock Exam sittings by students similar to you.  We have formulated this learning to cover the key subject areas that students struggle to grasp from within the syllabus, with a vision to help students better manage their time, build strengths and mitigate weaknesses in the last few days and weeks before the exam. 


Please remember 11PlusDIY choose the only the most experienced tutors in the local area to teach on our courses.  11PlusDIY has worked with our Tutors for a number of years and they each manage successful tuition company's.  We are also very clear that our courses are of the highest standards and we limit the number of students attending to ensure the quality of the course is above the standard you can expect from other tutors who will accept large numbers of students.  


Each of the four half day sessions is focused on the 11 Plus syllabus in the local region (e.g. Birmingham has a CEM style focus, whilst other areas focus on GL Assessment). This is to confirm that these courses are regionally focused. 

Course Outcome

Students should have a clear revision focus, understand their weaknesses and be effectively answering questions to maximize their score in the 11 Plus exam.

Course Content

Students are provided with extensive course booklets covering the syllabus. Tutors will guide students through each subject, testing skills and exposing weaknesses, with guidance of how revision can be tailored to mitigate these weaknesses. Students will complete multiple-choice tests daily. 


The course will culminate in a timed Mock Exam to highlight learning and the subject areas that require attention. Additional work will be provided after the course to supplement understanding.

Course Length

2 Days of tuition, 6 hours per day (plus full course pack for homework). 


Course Cost

Standard Price £225.00.

Discounted Price £180.00 (applies to the first 10 students booking only)

Course Example

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