11 Plus Services for Tutors and Schools

The demand for 11 Plus tuition services has increased significantly in recent years. We are aware of over 500 tutors nationwide who provide services directly to students.  We have developed a range of services for both Schools and Tutors to help improve their services to students.


We provide test and exam papers and a full range of paper products to Schools and Tutors, simply click onto our shop and follow the instructions to buy,

Also available from only £300 per annum, is an 11PlusDIY Tutor Portal which provides Schools and Tutors with dedicated on-line software which can set and mark specialist 11Plus style homework in seconds.  The software covers all core subjects (Mathematics, English, Vocabulary, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning) and can be personalised to your needs (including a personalised friendly web site). The software also allows parents to understand where students are strong, where they have room for improvement and how they compare to similar students examining for their preferred school and on a local, regional and national basis. 


An 11PlusDIY portal offers a strong competitive advantage, allowing tutors to spend more time working with students and less time focusing on non-value adding activities like marking or preparing homework.

Key Facts and Information

  • Tutor Portal has an endless supply of test questions and papers (and we are constantly updating it). 
  • Test papers are generated randomly every time ensuring no two papers are the same.
  • Each 11PlusDIY - Tutor Portal test is timed for simulated test conditions. 
  • Our feedback offers a quick view of the performance including more detailed statistics. 
  • 12 months access to unlimited tests and questions for your students.
  • Prices start from £300 per annum

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Tutor or School Questions

Can I get paper copies of question papers?

We have a very extensive data bank for all questions. What is available online is only a fraction of the questions we hold or can develop.  If you would like copyright free questions to use in your own material, please contact us and we will be happy to help. There is usually a charge for this material which depends on the annual plan you buy with us. We can also sell you the copyright for using papers available in our shop. Please contact us for a quote.

What questions and subjects do you cover?

We cover what we believe to be a full syllabus for Mathematics, VR (Full 21 NFER types and all common variants), NVR and English. 

What's included in an annual Tutor portal subscription?

You pay us one Annual Payment.  Depending on the plan you buy this will allow you to have a fixed maximum number of students registered at any given time (Minimum 15). You have nothing to pay for the full year after that.

Can I remove a students on my portal temporarily?

Yes. You can log on to the tutor account and deauthorise a student account. The student will not be able to log-in after you authorise the account.

Can my students share a portal account?

No. This is not recommended as the system tracks the progress of every student. Mixing students on the same account will not provide you with an accurate assessment of the student's progress.

We don't do NVR in my area. Can I select the portal subjects?

Yes. When we set up your portal, we configure it for the specific subjects you want (English, Maths, VR, NVR, Vocabulary etc). The subjects can be changed any time.

What happens when a student leaves?

Yes. Tutors have full control and can delete a student and add another, as long as your dont exceed the maximum number of students.

How do I see if a students performance is improving?

A Tutor has access to not only to the test results of each student, but can also look at the performance graph. This shows the students progression as they take tests. It will show the time taken to complete the test and the percentage of questions they are getting correct. There are also comparison statistics with the rest of the student population and school choices.

Am I limited to times or days?

No. The site is available to you and all your students for use 24/7. We may temporary have to take the system offline to apply upgrades etc. However we will always give you advanced notice where possible. The support helpline is available only during working hours 9am-5pm, Mondays to Fridays although we endeavour to sort all problems out even outside our core hours.

Do you provide teaching material?

We provide the resources for practice. We do however partner with Tutors to provide local tuition courses.

What is a Domain Name? Do I need one?

Domain name is the web site address you type in your browser, for example www.11PlusDIY.co.uk. If you already have a domain name, we can transfer that to your iTutor portal for you. If you dont have one, or wish to use a domain name other than the one you have, we can help you get one for a nominal fee (£9.99 + VAT). This is the fee we pay to the registeration authority on your behalf. If you do not want to get a full domain name, we can provide you one of our sub-domains for free but the address will be like - www.MY-TUITION-CENTRE.11PlusDIY.co.uk. We recommend all iTutor users to get a domain name as it give a more professional feel to the site.

Do I get an email address?

If you decide to go for a full domain name (like www.MY_WEB-SITE.co.uk), we will provide you with 5 free email addresses.

Can I charge students for providing access to my portal?

You are free to charge your students for this service if you wish to do so. There is nothing to pay to us except the annual charge agreed with us.

How many tests can I create or my student take?

There is no limit.  You are only limited by the time you have. The system will not limit the number of tests. 

How do students see their tests?

When a student logs into the website they will see their test waiting in their queue, very much similar to using e-mail. They can see the "New" tests, "in-Progress", i.e. partially answered tests and "Submitted" tests.

Do I have to create tests for every student?

No. You can create tests for the whole class at once. Or, you may choose to only create a test for one student. For example Joe is struggling with the English elements. You can create a specific e-homework just for Joe, in English. Only Joe will see this test. You can also configure the system to allow the students to create their own tests in what we call "Practice Mode".

How are tests marked?

Tests are marked automatically and instantly. As soon as the test is submitted both the Student and the tutor can see the result. Along with the marks, the submitted tests are shown with fully explanations.

Can I see the results of a student?

Yes.  A Tutor has the ability to see all their students exam results. You can see the progress of the student as a bar chart or look at past submitted papers to see which questions the student failed to answer correctly.

Can I add my own students?

Yes. The tutor has the full capability of creating, amending and deleting Student accounts. You can carry out all the user administration tasks as the Portal Tutor.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. If you would prefer to you can use your own domain name. If you dont have a domain name, we can help you get one at a very nominal charge (usually £9.99 + VAT for *.co.uk domain names).

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