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Instant Online 11 Plus Mock Exams

Instantly available Online Mock Exams help students to learn, prepare and revise. 
The Exams are similar to those taken in the classroom, but Students complete them at home without unnecessary travel.  

Instant Online 11 Plus Exams

We were the first to provide Online Mock Exams.  Each Exam is instantly available to help Parents and Students to understand how they’re performing today.  Our exams are challenging, provide a fair assessment of a Student, building confidence, speed and understanding.

Instant Online Mock Exams

  • Parents who book the 11 Plus Instant Online Exam will have the exam immediately available to them to complete.
  • Students complete the 11 Plus Instant Online Exam from a location of their choice, this is usually at home.  
  • The 11 Plus Exam consists of two or three papers, with 11 Plus subjects broken down into sections.
  • The exam must be started and completed in one sitting and students will receive an immediate score.
5 reasons why you take Mock Exams
  • Motivates you to do revision early

  • Helps you identify 11 Plus areas you need to revise

  • Tests effective 11 Plus revision strategies

  • Allows you to practice 11 Plus exam technique

  • Is an opportunity to ask for help

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student complete an Online Exam?

Online Mock Exams can be completed at home or anywhere. The exam will become available at the point of purchase.  Evidence does suggest that performance levels increase with practice.  All 11PlusDIY Mock Exams are different with questions demanding different skills and understanding.   

What is the time allowed for each Mock Exam?

The time limit for the exams is approximately 2 hours, please check the exact timings of each paper as this may vary.

Are the Mock Exams in a multiple-choice question format?

Each of the Mock Exams are in a multiple-choice format, unless stated otherwise.

When will we get the Mock Exam feedback and results?

Mock Exams are electronically marked and made available to parents immediately.  An email will be sent with the results, but results can be accessed along with viewing mock exam papers through your “account” online.

What's the Refund Policy?

We will not refund bookings unless the Mock Exam is cancelled or details of the test day are materially altered.

How can I book an 11PlusDIY Mock Exam?

Please visit our Online store.