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About us

“As the UK’s largest and most trusted supplier, since 2010 we have been providing online training, revision courses,
online and classroom mock exams and 11-Plus exam test papers which can be downloaded or delivered to your home” 

11PlusDIY is owned by Quattro Ethereal Limited a company registered in 2010 in the UK which was set up by academics and parents to help students to prepare for entrance exams.  Our belief that parents should be involved in a learning process that is more transparent than we encountered with our own children.  

Our partnership promise

11PlusDIY work in partnership with parents who purchase our products and services for students. We believe that passing the 11 Plus can be cost effective for our customers. Where others routinely pressure parents into spending large sums of money on restrictive tuition packages, we believe every student is different and most parents can help students to pass the 11 Plus exam in a family friendly fashion. 

Our products and services

Our products and services include online training from as little as 10p per day, subject based learning courses, online and classroom mock exams and test papers that can be downloaded or delivered to your door.  11PlusDIY focus on the subjects that are the critical to passing the 11 Plus exam, whilst at the same time seeking to build a student’s confidence, accuracy and speed whilst always looking to cement understanding.