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CEM Style Mock Exam Pack 3


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This pack contains one set of CEM Style 11+ mock exams. Each set has a paper ‘A’ and ‘B’ with 80 questions in each test. The papers cover all subjects including vocabulary, non-verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, and English as timed sections. All questions are multiple choice questions. Formatted answer sheet is also provided. The details of each test are given below:

MEC-15-001 – Part A 80 questions. 50 minutes
MEC-15-002 – Part B 80 questions. 50 minutes

This set of papers is designed and formatted by QE Ltd to assist students sitting the CEM styles entrance exam for Grammar Schools. There is no affiliation, explicit or implied between QE Ltd and CEM/ Durham University. CEM/ Durham University do not provide or share their examination material. This paper is based on questions and format seen in previous years.