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Non Verbal Reasoning 3D & Spatial NVR – Level 4 – Papers 1 to 5


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This pack contains 5 Non-Verbal Reasoning papers, each of which provides 30 questions which should be completed in 20 minutes. The Papers cover all standard 3D and Spatial NVR types.

They are provided in high quality print with each test as separate booklet, including answers and detailed explanations.

QEL 11+ Practice Exam Papers provide students with challenging revision for 11+ Grammar school entrance exams.

  1. Standard or multiple – Dual format
  2. Download more answer sheets to do the papers again
  3. 30 questions/ 20 minutes
  4. Covers all different 3D and Spatial NVR (Plan view, shape rotation etc.)
  5. High quality printing with each test as separate booklet
  6. Answers includes detailed explanations.